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Vortex V2 on track and GT-EV goes electric
Posted by Madabout News on Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 07:57 PM

A company that quietly sits under the radar (but which has an active forum section in the Madabout-Kitcars forum) is Vortex Automotive, manufacturers of the Vortex GT, one of the prettiest original design kit cars to come out of the UK. To add to their line-up they have developed the V2, a modern alternative to the Lotus 7 style car, suitable for both road and track.

The major features are a mid engine/intercooler/radiator layout fed by a large full width duct underneath the car, a central longitudinal fuel tank, keen aerodynamics for high downforce /low drag, and Ford’s Duratec or (sensational 280 bhp) Ecoboost turbo engine.

The chassis has the engine transverse, conventional front wishbones and a De Dion rear beam located by a Watts pivot and links.

Vortex own front uprights are cast aluminium LM25, heat treated and x-rayed .50mm dia. curved side tubes give exceptional cockpit width and safety and a full width 50 mm rollover bar is standard, as is a stainless exhaust system, aluminium dampers and radiator.

Vortex V2 road/track day car
Vortex V2 for road and track days

The V2 is to be available in LHD and RHD as 2.0 Duratec/mtx75 combination or 1.6/2.0 turbocharged(Ecoboost) form, the latter rated at 280 bhp, for a launch price of £9,990.

News from Vortex is that the V2 also passed it's IVA test at the first attempt

Vortex V2 about to do a quarter mile run
Vortex V2 preparing for quarter mile run

Further news from Vortex Automotive is that a GT has been converted to use Electric Lithium battery power and completed the Brighton to London Future Car challenge (reverse of the London to Brighton veteran car run)

Vortex GT completes the Brighton to London future challenge
Vortex GT-EV converted to Electric Lithium battery power

Full information about the Vortex Automotive range can be found on their website here

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