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Kit car and motoring related articles

We've all been there!  
  We've all been there, scratching our heads for hours or days trying to get an engine to start. Andrew Laws shares his engine trials and tribulations whilst rebuilding his Spartan.
Highway robbery  
  Speed cameras are an emotive subject seemingly getting headlines everyday, for and against. Mark Sansby shares his thoughts on the subject and offers some improvements.
Track days from start to finish  
  Ever wondered how track day events work or whether your car could hack the pace? Matt Stead will enlighten you with this comprehensive article.
A Spartan Triumph  
  Andrew Laws explains how perserverance and research can pay dividends when dealing with your LVLO and 'grey areas' of SVA.
New to kit cars?  
  Newcomer to kit cars? Get the low down from Mark Sansby on what to look out for when contemplating a kit car build.
So what are Kit Cars then?  
  You've heard the term 'kit cars' but never really delved into the subject, right? This article gives a brief overview of what kit cars are and the various ways you can achieve ownership of a kit car.
GTM Factory visit  
  Get the lowdown on a visit to GTM Cars factory.  Potential customer Darran Shepherd details his experience following a visit to this well established and respected kit car manufacturer.

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