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CATEGORIES (articles) > Engine, Gearbox > Ford Engines > Ford Side Valve Engine

Ford Side Valve Engine

Ford Sidevalve is an engine from Ford Motor Company. The engine has its origins in the 1930s Ford Model Y (1932 to 1937). The early engines were very basic and did not even have a waterpump. A water pump was added in 1953 for the 100E models. The Sidevalve engine was used in many smaller Fords as well as farm vehicles, commercial vehicles and a marine version in boats. Production of the engine was stopped in 1962.

The Sidevalve engine was used in Ford Anglia, Ford Popular, Ford Model Y, Ford Escort (1955-1961), Ford C/Ford CX, Ford Squire, Ford 7W, Ford 7Y and Ford Prefect as well as in many cars from other manufacturers such as Buckler (BB100, Mk53, MkX, DD1, MkV and MkVI), Falcon (Competition, Caribbean (MkIII) and Bermuda), Rochdale (C-type, F-type, MkVI, ST, GT and Riviera), Morgan (F4, 4/4 Series II, F4/F2 and F Super), Lotus (Mk2, Mk4, 6 and 7 S1), Ginetta (G2 and G3 (aka Fairlite)), TVR Grantura I, Tornado Typhoon and Cannon Trials Car.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Engine, Gearbox > Ford Engines > Ford Side Valve Engine

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