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CATEGORIES (articles) > Motor Sport > Terminology > Handbrake turn driving technique

Handbrake turn driving technique

The handbrake turn is a driving technique used to deliberately slide a car sideways, either for the purpose of negotiating a very tight bend quickly, or for turning around well within the vehicle's own turning circle.

The driver starts by using steering input to transfer weight to the outside tires; the handbrake is then used to lock the rear wheels, thus upsetting the adhesion between the tires and the road surface. With practice, the car can be placed accurately by releasing the handbrake and accelerating the vehicle. The technique is used in some forms of motorsport, for example rallying, autotesting and motorkhana.

A related technique is left-foot braking.

Instructions to start a handbrake turn:

  • Find a smooth open space without any obstacles for safety
  • Come at a speed more than 15mph
  • Start making the turn by turning the steering wheel in one direction with one hand
  • Immediately after starting the turn, pull the handbrake with the other hand while keeping the button on the handbrake pressed
  • The rear part of the car will start the skid
  • Release the handbrake and start pushing the accelerator when the desired direction is achieved.
In a rear-wheel drive manual transmission vehicle, it is also necessary to operate the clutch to prevent the handbrake from stalling the engine.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Motor Sport > Terminology > Handbrake turn driving technique

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