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CATEGORIES (articles) > Steering, Suspension, brakes & drivetrain > Brakes > Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD)

Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD)

Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) is an automobile brake technology that automatically varies the amount of force applied to each of a vehicle's brakes, based on road conditions, speed, loading, etc. Often coupled with anti-lock braking systems, EBD can apply more or less braking pressure to each wheel in order to maximize stopping power.

In a hydraulic brake system not equipped with EBD, there is a fixed front-to-rear brake force bias which is determined by the hydraulic components (for example, caliper piston diameter). This bias may be shifted under heavy braking, by means of a mechanical proportioning valve, to prevent rear-wheel lockup. EBD instead applies brake force precisely through electronic control. It recognises that driving conditions, braking situations and vehicle weight distributions are unique and constantly changing. Working together with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), EBD uses sensors to determine which wheels would provide maximum braking for the conditions – whether that's the front or rear wheels, the left or right. The final result is more precise and effective braking under all conditions.

Operation example

When you apply the brakes when moving straight forward, the rear wheels will carry less weight as compared to the front. Without EBD, if the brake bias is badly matched to the road conditions, the rear wheels may lock, and the vehicle will skid. With EBD, the brake force to the rear wheels is applied precisely by electronic control– reducing the chance of locking.

Elektronische Bremskraftverteilung Reparto electrónico de frenada EBD EBD

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Steering, Suspension, brakes & drivetrain > Brakes > Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD)

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