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CATEGORIES (articles) > Chassis & Bodywork Construction > Metal working > Angle grinder

Angle grinder

An angle grinder is a handheld tool powered by an electric motor, petrol engine or compressed air. This drives a geared head at a right-angle on which mounts an abrasive disc that can be renewed when worn. Angle grinders typically have an adjustable guard and a side-handle for two-handed operation. There are myriad different disks that are used for various materials and tasks, such as cut-off disks, abrasive grinding disks, sanding disks, wire-brush wheels and buffing pads. The angle grinder has large bearings to counter side forces generated during cutting, unlike a power drill, where the force is axial.

Angle grinders are widely used in engineering, in particular metalworking and construction, as well as in emergency rescues. They are commonly found in workshops and garages. However, they can be very dangerous due to the high rpm involved and the sparks and bits of metal that fly off as they cut. The even more dangerous aspect of Angle Grinders is that a bad cutting disk can explode when used. For these reasons angle grinders are considered to be one of the most dangerous tools.

Safety equipment should be worn while using these, or any power tools. A face shield should always be worn and gloves, respirators, ear protection, long sleeves and hard hats are highly suggested.

The angle grinder can be contrasted with other varieties of grinders; see grinding machine and bench grinder.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Chassis & Bodywork Construction > Metal working > Angle grinder

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