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Marlin Sportster gets new BMW chassis option
Posted by Madabout News on Monday, September 24th, 2012 at 11:50 PM

Marin are now offering the opportunity for another BMW donor vehicle to be used in their popular single donor kit, the Marlin Sportster. This has been achieved by completely re-designing a third of the rear end of the already successful 3 series BMW chassis. This allows for the simple fitting (four major bolts) of the entire BMW aluminium rear axle assembly used, in among others, the 5 series.

Marlin were the first company, back in 1997, to offer BMW options as a single donor for their Marlin Sportster model using the straight forward but reliable 2 litre E30 series. After this they progressed onto the E36 6cly single & double overhead cam engines right up to the mighty M3 EVO units.

BMW Donor based Marlin Sportster
BMW Donor for Marlin Sportster now includes the 5 Series

With the new E39 M52 or M54 6 cylinder inline options the 2.8 litre is the most commonly used aged between 1999-2003. Most of the parts can be obtained from this car including;

• Engine & gearbox assembly (complete with all the parts needed to run the assembly) including ECU, engine sensors, engine loom etc.

• Rear axle assembly – As it comes out of the donor with the entire aluminium tube carrier assembly to include brakes, diff, shafts and hubs. The whole assembly is held in the car by four large bolts for easy removal. This then will re-fits into the Marlin chassis the same way.

• Front wheel flanges, wheel bearings, discs etc (not shocks & springs)

• The steering column assembly plus the steering extension shaft at the rack end of the column. To go with the steering lock & key there is an alarm box inside the dashboard. This is coded to the ECU & Keys. It is required to keep things simple

N.B You can use the column switches & cowlings if you choose just don’t forget the ignition key & lock assembly switch if you do.

• Handbrake lever & cables

• Wheels & tyres can also be used if you want…….. they will fit.

The new chassis will be on the Marlin stand at the Exeter Kit Car Show 27th & 28th October.

For more information please call Marlin Sports Cars on 01363 773772 or visit their web site



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