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CATEGORIES (articles) > Donor vehicle information > BMW > BMW E36 3 Series

BMW E36 3 Series

318is Coupé
Manufacturer: BMW
Production: 1991–2000
Predecessor: BMW E30
Successor: BMW E46
Class: Compact/family luxury car
Body style: 2-door coupé
2-door convertible
3-door hatchback
4-door sedan
5-door station wagon
Platform: FR
Engine: Otto- and diesel engines
I4, I6
1.6-3.2 L, 73-236 kW
Related: BMW M3
318is Coupé
1995 316i Compact
1996 M3 Coupé

The E36 automobile platform was the basis for the 1992 through 1999 BMW 3 Series models. It is the successor of the BMW E30 in 1992 and was officially replaced by the BMW E46 in 1999. The M3 was produced as an E36 from 1995-1999 in the US, and 1993-1999 in the European market.

E36 experienced enormous success in the market. It laid strong foundation to the success BMW E46 experienced in subsequent years. E36 is considered the performance benchmark in its class.

Non-US Models

Each model is followed by its particular engine.


  • 316i (1990-1993) M40B16
  • 316i (1993-1998) M43B16
  • 318i (1990-1993) M40B18
  • 318i (1993-1998) M43B18
  • 318iS (1992-1996) M42B18
  • 318iS (1996-1998) M44B19
  • 318tds (1994-1998) M41D17
  • 320i (1991-1994) M50B20
  • 320i (1994-1998) M52B20
  • 323i (1995-1998) M52B25
  • 325i (1991-1995) M50B25
  • 325td (1991-1998) M51D25
  • 325tds (1993-1998) M51S
  • 328i (1994-1998) M52B28
  • M3 (1994-1995) S50B30
  • M3 Evo (1995-1998) S52B30


  • 316i (1993-1998) M43B16
  • 318is (1992-1996) M42B18
  • 318is (1996-1998) M44B19
  • 320i (1992) M50B20
  • 320i (1992-1998) M52B20
  • 323is (1995-1999) M52B25
  • 325i (1992-1995) M50B25
  • 328i (1995-1998) M52B28
  • 328is (1995-1999) M52B28
  • M3 (1992-1995) S50

Convertibles (Cabriolets)

  • 318ic (1994-1998) M43B18
  • 320ic (1993-1994) M50B20
  • 320ic (1994-1998) M52B20
  • 328ic (1995-1998) M52B28
  • M3 (1994-1996) S50B30
  • M3 (1996-1998) S52B30

Touring (Wagons)

  • 316iT (1998) M43B16
  • 318iT (1995-1998) M43B18
  • 318tds (1995-1998) M41D17
  • 320iT (1995-1998) M52B20
  • 325iT (1996-1998) M52B25
  • 325tds (1995-1998) M51S
  • 328iT (1995-1998) M52B28


  • 316ti (1994-1998) M43B16
  • 318tds (1995-1998) M41D17
  • 318ti (1994-1996) M42B18
  • 318ti (1996-1998) M44B19
  • 323ti (1996-1998) M52B25

US Models

  • 318i, 318is, 318ic (1992-1995) M42B18
  • 318ti (1994-1996) M42B18
  • 318i, 318ti (1996-1998) M44B19
  • 323i, 323is, 323ic (1996-1998) M52B25
  • 325i, 325is, 325ic (1992-1995) M50B25
  • 328i, 328is, 328ic (1996-1998) M52B28
  • M3 (1995-1999 coupe, 1997-1998 sedan, 1998-1999 convertible) S50B30US and S52 (1996-1999)

Other Platform Applications

BMW made an entry level version of the E36 called the 3 Series Compact, a three-door hatchback. This platform is often referred to as the E36/5. In the United States market the car was sold as the 318ti and was equipped with a 1.8 L, 139 bhp M44B19 engine and was priced at USD23,000. Ostensibly due to slow US sales of the E36/5 Compact, the E46 Compact was not sold in the United States.

A modified version of the E36 platform (sometimes called the E36/7) was used for the BMW Z3 roadster.


Among most BMW enthusiasts, the E36 platform was among the most popular of BMW design of the past 20 years. Sales for 3 Series coupes, sedans, and convertibles were at all time highs in North America and Europe. Against other competititors, the E36 would repeatedly beat out the competition and won many awards from major car magazines. The success of the E36 in addition to the "quality" and "fun to drive" aspects of the platform gave BMW a strong market identity and presence for many.

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Donor vehicle information > BMW > BMW E36 3 Series

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