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Hopefully there are no potential issues, with the following being posted.

Abridged version of comments on my car's geometry:

".....Your car mainly had the roll-centres too high. This leads to a condition called suspension jacking - this has been discribed as "a general leaping about like a demented mountain goat".

It's potentially quite dangerous....A secondary affect is an oscillation of the roll axis, especially if the spring frequencies are out as well. Mix in some bump-steer and upright flexing, with a not-very-well-triangulated chassis, and you've a problem. Your car also had some pro-squat and dive, and the king-pin offset was a bit high - leads to instability under braking...etc - by altering the chassis suspension pick-up points, and fabricating the upright mod's we were able to get the roll-centres down, the VSAL's more equalised and the deflections and camber changes to the point where both ends of the car are working in harmony instead of fighting each other ! "
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