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Default Road legal... exceptionally twitchy.... and now it's time to make it handle / grip...

Hi all,

I thought I'd start a thread, and update it as I make a bid to resolve the handling woes of my car.

When I first put my car (2006 chassis) on the road I was quite happy with the go, but somewhat dissapointed with the handling and grip. The car wallowed, the back end bump-steered an astonishing amount, and generally it was a nasty dissapointment. Yes it was great to be on the road, but the feeling wasn't as good as it could (should?) have been.

I did have Marlin's latest rear suspension on order, but cancelled that owing to delivery issues.

With no updated rear suspension, I've decided the best way forward is to bite the bullet and pay someone to ammend the car, and make it work.....

... and today that process started, with a "consultation" at Track Developments.

I'll keep adding to the thread as things progress, as I'm sure others will be interested to learn what modifications are made to my car.

The first set of photos (fairly uninspiring), can be found here:
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