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I think the only bespoke aspect of the rack, is the fitment of approx 20mm collars to limit the rack movement. It's a standard QH component.

You'll want to hack off and bin the lock limiters once through the SVA, as the car has an horrendously large turning circle with the limiters fitted - the SVA guy was laughing at the turning circle when I put my car through.

On the story of the mods to my car - the "software" (I think it's more of an elaborate excel sheet to be honest) analysis of my car has revealed the mods required to get the car to handle, and stop being a ditchseeker.

1) fabricate and weld on new suspension hard points on the front and rear of the chassis.
2) modify the rear uprights to remove bump-steer
3) make new front upper suspension wishbones to separate the castor and camber
4) make spacers to reposition the steering rack and eliminate front bump-steer
5) fit front and rear anti-roll bars to counter the increased roll moment, caused by lowering the roll centre.
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