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Default Dynamically

Two points here,

The difference in the rear ball joints size means that the relative heights of the suspension pick-up's at the wheels are at a different height to each other. Its this difference in height that dynamically, can be modelled to show, the reasons for the way the rear performs.

Second one for David, as you are dry running the front assembly it’s now (without the springs and damper in place) that you can easily set up to avoid the front bump steer. Once you have worked out how to fit it all together and I am sure you have pic’s to help you by now, bump steer is cause by the tracking changing as the suspension raises and lowers. Marlin have provided adjustment on the steering knuckle pickup bracket (ie back of the hub) to adjust the way the dynamic steering movement is affected by the suspension movement. So with no damper and spring in place set up and lock the steering movement and raise and lower to the suspention to its extremities and adjust the bracket at the back of the hub to reduce the tracking changes as best you can.
I bolt a length of aluminium angle iron to the wheel hub to exaggerate the movement and measure between the end and a fixed poit. All you have to do is adjust to reduce the movement to a minimum you will not eliminate it.

Hope that helps.
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