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Will be interested to see what happens. Did they give any clues as to what they are thinking off to correct some of the things they have found, or will it require further analysis.

Have been playing with my suspension today, a bit of a dry fit to try and work out where things go when in my own garage rather than the 5 mins description when collecting. (will upload some photos in a few days time and link to them here). I have also found I'm missing a few bits I thought I had but will probably find Mark and Terry knew they hadn't supplied. Have also been comparing my suspension with others pictures to understand how it differs from the previous suspension setup. One thing that is clear is that they have space apart much further the rear two top ball joints which I can see will result in a lot less rear steer hopefully.

BTW does anyone with a rover front hub setup have pictures of where the steering arm connects to the front hub assembly as amazingly I cant find it in the build manual ;-) and its not at all obvious to me at the moment as cant see anywhere logical it would connect to which is puzzling. Mind I dont yet have the steering rack and its trackrod ends.
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